The Essential Camping Checklist

Going camping can be very exciting especially if you have you friends or family members going along with you This however could be a terrible experience if you do not have the proper equipment to use while camping. In this article I will focus on the essential things that you will need to make it an exciting experience. The items you need for camping are grouped into six categories:

  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Utensils
  • First aid and
  • Miscellaneous

In terms of shelter you should ensure you have the following items ; tents, mats for the ground to ensure the sleeping bag does not get wet, ropes to tie the edges of the tents, stakes to hold the tents in place and a hammer to put the stakes firmly in the ground. Still under shelter you have to include your bedding, make sure you have a sleeping bag, blankets, pillows and bed sheets. When packing your clothes the following should be on your list; T-shirts, pants, shorts, sweater, raincoat in case it starts to rain, boots (they are easy to use in a rough terrain and they also protect your feet from being pricked),a hat ,underwear, sleeping garments and if you are planning to swim then it would be advisable to carry a swim suit.

If you that is a family camping you must take care of your family with all of essential tools. There is little more different tools you need for a family camp. Such as you must buy a best family tent that will cover your family to stay safe with relax.

When packing the type of food to carry avoid carrying food that are perishable like fish, focus on carrying dry food like flour, rice, noodles, potatoes, cooking oil and seasoning. You should also ensure that you carry snacks that you could eat on the way as you head to you preferred camping site Utensils are also very important and should not be forgotten. make sure you have the following items on your list, cooking pots, spoons, spatulas, water buckets, cups, plates, a stove, matches, trash bags, bottle openers, soap for washing the utensils and a scrubbing pad and folding tables for serving food. You should also ensure that you have a first aid kit because accidents are bound to happen when you are out camping.

You will need the following items in your first aid kit; bandages, scissors, your personal medicine, splinting materials, antibiotic creams, snake bite kit, bee sting kit, a bottle of water, cotton swabs, hydrogen peroxide, burn ointment, eye drops, latex gloves, thermometers and you also need a first Aid manual. There are also other items that you could carry like a flashlight and batteries, hand wipes, bathing soap, money or a credit card or debit card, watch, fire extinguisher, body oil and pocket knife. I believe if you have the above items your camping trip will be quite exciting.

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